Tom Fritzson's art

Tom Fritzson's art

My wife Tünde

PortraitsPosted by Tom Fritzson Fri, March 19, 2010 15:09:05

Here's a painting I made for my wife as a present for our wedding.
In my proffesional work I always keep the deadlines, but my personal work can sure take it's time. This was one of the first digital paintings I actually finished. I was struggling to get it done on time, and it was kind of an important deadline ;)
I've never seen such a beautiful woman, filled with tears of happiness :)

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CaricaturesPosted by Tom Fritzson Mon, March 15, 2010 09:37:26

Caricatures is not something I do very often, but sometimes just for fun.
Here's Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead, and he's a real character :)
It was a lot more work on this than I originally thought, especially on the bass, which I wanted to make quite accurately.
I was really into playing bass for a while, so I made this image and bought 2 basses (because it's not enough with just one you know ;))

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Strange behaviour

PortraitsPosted by Tom Fritzson Mon, March 08, 2010 18:08:07

Once I joined a challenge over at, you make an image based on a topic, and the topic was "strange behaviour".
I thought it would be quite strange to have a completely crazy person in a high ranking job(or perhaps not?), so I came up with this "clown judge", a totally mad man whose job is to decide the fate of other people.

Some closeups:

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Living colors

SurrealPosted by Tom Fritzson Sun, March 07, 2010 16:09:12

Alriiiiiiight, first up is a painting I made a few years ago.
The idea came to me many years ago when I was painting with traditional oil colors, after a few paintings I thought the palette looked like a piece of art itself, like a little colorful landscape.
I found an old sketch and decided to paint it, though digitally this time.

The city used as reference is Budapest, Hungary, where I met my wife. We actually met where the thumb-hole of the palette is located. That's something I didn't think about when I made it, but my wife later said that the 2 water/paint drops falling through the hole is us falling in love. :)

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